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Hand in hand to practice reading barrier-free." The Cultural Bureau of Nantou County Government and the Nantou Detention Center of the Correctional Department of the Ministry of Justice signed a memorandum of cooperation to improve the reading resources of detainees.

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  • Last updated:2023-08-25
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The Nantou Detention Center of the Correctional Administration of the Ministry of Justice promotes lifelong learning, enhances the reading atmosphere, and expands the knowledge field of detainees. On June 14, it signed a three-year cooperation memorandum with the Cultural Bureau of Nantou County Government. It was signed by Director Lin Rongsen and Director Chen Yuding. The two parties joined hands in order to make the detainees' reading barrier-free, Huang Yuanguan, Chief Prosecutor of the Nantou District Prosecutor's Office, came to encourage him.


Public danger crimes and drug crimes account for the majority of the inmates in this institute. These types of substance addicts are characterized by low frustration tolerance and often resort to alcohol and drugs to escape reality and relieve stress. The Institute hopes that by promoting the "Scholarly Reading" cooperative project, it can cultivate the reading habits of the inmates, improve their positive self-control ability, and replace their dependence on substances, so as to reduce recidivism.


Detainees Ahan and Awei proposed during individual instruction at the institute that they wanted to read to relieve stress during their imprisonment and wanted to buy books by themselves. Hearing the voices of the detainees, the Institute actively reached a consensus with the Cultural Bureau of Nantou County Government to work together to meet the detainees' reading needs, and to maintain the detainees' reading rights so that they would not be affected by imprisonment, and at the same time ease the purchase and delivery of family members. The burden of sending books.


Chief Prosecutor Huang said that through reading and sharing, the communication among inmates can be enhanced, the harmonious relationship between each other can be reconstructed, and the connotation of life can be enriched. Director Lin said that through the act of reading, the detainees will be immersed in the sea of words that are beneficial to the body and mind for a long time, intensifying the positive energy of joy in the brain, and in a subtle way, enlightening their aspirations to forge ahead. Director Chen Yuding said that it is a great honor to cooperate with the Cultural Bureau of Nantou County Government across agencies to create a good reading platform, work together to promote positive changes for the inmates, cultivate their reading habits, enrich their hearts with knowledge, and grow perseverance in the fence. The fragrance of books is overflowing.

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