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Boost enlightenment guidance

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  • Last updated:2023-08-25
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Boost enlightenment guidance

The center’s enlightenment guidance combines teaching and admonishment with education to aggressively inspire detainees’ conscience and inner abilities, cultivate a law-abiding spirit, change their attitude, and rebuild their normal characters. The program is conducted with:

1.Individual guidance – Center’s management personnel engage in conversation with at least three to five persons and document the conversations to assist counseling review.

2. Group guidance – gather all the detainees together or in groups to teach and cultivate proper moral values to improve their character and conduct.

3. Category guidance- counseling based on type and nature of crime committed to cultivate law-abiding habits so they can become positive citizens.

4. Religious guidance – Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, and other religious groups are invited to the Center at least once a week for religious counseling that cleanses the soul and thereby the mind.

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