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Amaryllis in full bloom! Nantou Detention Center adopts plants to attract public appreciation.

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  • Last updated:2023-08-25
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Walking past the painted wall of the Nantou Detention Center, We saw a row of fiery red flowers. It turned out that the "Amaryllis" was planted by the prison, attracting the attention of Nantou citizens. The original creative color painting "forest hut" reflects each other, changing the public's stereotype of the strict imprisonment of correctional institutions.


The institute held a Spring Festival decoration competition before and decorated the institute with colorful colors, so that the inmates who could not go home for the New Year could experience and paint the lively underwater world with colored pens. Only after losing their freedom did they realize the value of freedom. The detainee volunteered to paint the long white wall on the third floor. They, who had never been trained in painting, drew the underwater world in their heart. The underwater creatures are full of vitality, cute appearance, full of innocence and childlike fun , revealing the detainee's longing for freedom, and also formed a friendly atmosphere of the prison environment.


"Amaryllis" has its flower language, which symbolizes "in any situation, we must stick to the correct path", and it also allows people to re-establish faith and unswerving strength when hesitant, and inspires the lost people in the wall to tell "Even in the dark night, they are accompanied by stars." When you are lonely and desperate, please look up at the starlight, there is always a brightest star that belongs to you, which is directing yourself to the right path of life, encouraging the host to be positive, and knowing that you are not alone.

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